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Wow, haven't written in a while!

Posted on 2007.08.21 at 00:47
I don't give this thing much attention, do I? I mainly write over at OpenDiary, and since I am still very overwhelmed of LJ I don't feel like really opening up here....besides, this is mainly a biz/craft blog. ;)

So let's see, what have I been up to? Well, the store is doing well....mama pads still selling like hot cakes, and nobody's touching the diapers, but I think once I get the Larges and XLs up, people will be more interested. You can practically stumble over a medium fitted in the street, after all. Hopefully I'll get them up soon - I'm on a bit of a sewing sabbatical since I'm about to take Uma (that's what Hannah decided my sewing machine should be named) into the shop. I wish it were a stitch that I didn't use so much that was messing up...but I REALLY can't get by without the zigzag stitch. I use it on just about everything! 

I've got plenty to keep myself busy with while Uma's in rehab, though. I've been brainstorming lots of fun ideas, and I'm gathering up fabrics to cut. I need to crank out a bunch more mama pads, of course, but I also want to introduce pad/wipe pouches and maybe mini wetbags for them as well. I made this for my pads back in January, and although I'll be changing the design a little for the ones I plan to sell, the concept is basically the same:


It holds about four or five of my 7-inch pads plus the mini-wetbag I made. I'll need to make them bigger for people who like the 10- and 13-inch pads, of course. They really come in handy when you're out of the house and don't want a bunch of pads floating around randomly inside your purse. When I'm at work, I can grab the pouch out of my purse and take it to the bathroom instead of dragging my whole purse in there.  

I'll also be making similar pouches for wipes, but I'm trying to find some cute old-fashioned diapers to make them out of, like this one I made for myself. Sorry about the blurriness, but you get the idea:

Isn't that just so stinkin' cute? I bought that diaper at Goodwill for a buck just cuz it was too adorable to pass up, and hadn't been able to think of what to do with it till it dawned on me to make it into a wipes pouch back in May. Go figure, I haven't been able to find any more diapers like this since then. ;)

I'm contemplating making some "gift sets" too. I had thought about this prior to even opening my store, but people have actually asked for something like this, so I figure I should go for it. I'm thinking of making a postpartum set with a handful of different-sized heavy pads, nursing pads, wipes, and maybe a newborn diaper; a mama pad "introductory" set with several of each length/thickness pad, a mini-wetbag, and a pad pouch; and a newborn set with a wool wrap, a diaper, a shirt, and maybe a hat and socks. I think it'd be fun to make sets that match, especially since I bought some jersey sheet sets for a song at a yard sale and I could go crazy with some tie-dye sets. I'm planning on doing some tie-dye in the spring, too, since I have a bazillion white onesies just aching to be prettied up.

I also plan on introducing pouch slings to my store lineup. They are easy to make and fun to use, and I figure they'd be a good affordable item to add to the stock for people who can't shell out $50 for a Hotsling. Here's one I made just last week for myself. Please excuse the blurriness once again, that's what you get when you shoot in a bathroom with no flash! There's my 3-year-old 35-lb. son riding comfortably. I've added a fleece rail to the bottom since this picture was taken because it tends to dig in his legs when I do the back carry.

The only problem I haven't figured out yet, though, is whether to custom-make each one to the customer's measurements, or pre-make them in different sizes, since pouch slings are not adjustable. I'm leery of doing customs of any kind, since I'm a firm believer in "what you see is what you get" and I've heard so many horror stories of WAHMs overselling themselves and then frantically playing catch-up. Most of the sling-able fabric I have right now is not enough to make larger sizes with, so I can always make pre-made ones with those, and then sell custom-made ones later on when I get more fabric. I really need to get more fabric. :)

I did draw up about ten business cards on scraps of posterboard, but I only handed out one this past weekend, and that was to a friend who didn't have my current email. There wasn't really anyone to hand them out to: only one other mom showed up, and I think she was a little freaked out by how hard I drooled over her 2-week-old baby, so I left her alone. Oh well!

Here's a pic of one of the cards. Not the most professional-looking thing in the world, but they'll do till I can afford some real ones!

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Could it be I have given up?
itsunoriginal at 2008-01-11 08:02 (UTC) (Link)
I'm sure you could handle custom things if you put a limit on the number you take at a time.

Say, take three orders, and don't take anymore until you finish those three.

something to that extent, perhaps?
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