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The sling from hell

Posted on 2007.08.28 at 00:05
Okay, after what I went through to make the first sling for my store, I've decided I'm definitely NOT doing custom orders!

I took what was left of the turtle batik fabric from the sling I made for myself and paired it with a sturdy grey knit to make a M/L sling. All went well, right up to the final tacking down of the french seam, until I turned it right side out again and discovered the lines I'd just sewn so nicely on the inside were all over the place on the outside. 

So I got out my seam ripper and started taking it apart. I have three - yes, THREE - seam rippers, and the two better ones have gone missing, so the only one I could use was the one that came with my machine, which doesn't have a nice ballpoint on the end to prevent accidental fabric tears. Well, you guessed it: even though I was as careful as could be, I still ripped the fabric in three places. I wound up taking the entire seam apart, and figured I could fold it over in a different way to hide the ripped parts. 

I pinned the new seam into place very carefully from the outside, figuring that it'd be better to tack it down where the lines would actually be showing. I managed to miss about three inches worth on the final seam, even though I swerved the line all over the place trying to catch it. And somehow, the end of the seam did NOT turn out as nice and flat as the beginning did (which was the only part I didn't undo, since it was fine). It stuck out and looked horrible, so I made a few quick stitches to nail it down, and that looked even more horrible. 

I'd been debating whether or not to add a padded rail to the bottom, and I decided that I should, since it would hide that ugly end of the seam. I cut the fleece, topstitched it so neatly, and spent a good amount of time pinning it onto the sling in such a way that the stitches would fall directly on top of the previous ones on both the top AND bottom of the rail. Very tricky! Too tricky, in fact - despite my meticulous efforts, I stitched too low towards the middle of the rail, and too high on the corners. The outside of the rail looks perfectly fine, but the inside - bleecchhh.

I don't even know what to do with this thing now. It looks fine on the outside, and the flaws are really only cosmetic, since they don't affect the performance or durability, but it's just too screwed up even to sell as a second. And that's pretty impressive, considering how lax my standards are for my own work. ;) Come on, I'm not a machine, I'm a human being, and my work WILL have that distinctly human touch. But this looks like I let my 3-year-old son sew it. 

I am debating whether to offer it to No Mother Left Behind, or put it up FFS (free for shipping) on Diaperswappers. In both cases, a needy mother would benefit and recieve a really cute sling that just happens to have too many snafus to make the retail cut. I suppose once I get some more made, I'll make up my mind.

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