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Where the magic happens

Posted on 2007.09.05 at 04:00

I tidied up my "fabric wall" and my sewing desk today, and it looked so nice that I decided to take some pics. I love looking at pictures of people's sewing rooms online; I like seeing how other sewers organize things and utilize/decorate their space. Like this one, for example: I just wanna scamper around that beautiful room and quiver with glee! (And I don't even quilt!) I, however, have a slightly more Dumpster Chic look going on....

This may look incredibly messy, but it's actually very organized. I could sit here and label everything in the picture with a number and write out a list of what each section is, but nobody would read it and the people that did would be bored to tears. The trunks underneath it all hold some of J's outgrown/yet-to-be-grown-into clothing, and the gray totes hold my current store stock. With the exception of the totes, I got all this stuff for free, hence the mismatched look. Those apple boxes are KICKASS for storing things.

It's rare you'll see my desk looking this tidy. The milk crates on the left not only store things I am working on or about to work on, but they also keep that end of the desk up, since it is old and the leaf droops pretty severely. It is a classic sewing cabinet with a hole in the middle part, so I put a board that I think came from Adrian's computer desk over the hole. It works out pretty well, because I can move the machine back and forth this way if I need some space right in front of me for trimming or pinning. The orange shoebox sitting on the shelf in front of the chair holds my rolls of Velcro, unopened thread cones, and my eight thousand plastic craft organizers that I keep my twenty billion snaps in. That's my computer desk to the right....no, you don't get to see it, it's still a shambles since Adrian hasn't done any more work on my computer after we found out the power supply I just bought was broken.

There you have it. I'd like someday to have all my craft stuff in one room, organized in matching cabinets without a cardboard box in sight, but for now, I'm happy that I have enough room in my bedroom to store all this stuff. Yay for spacious apartments! And really, it's more practical to have my sewing desk out in the common area: I can't be holed up in a back room with a curious toddler running all over the house, plus, I can watch TV while I sew.

Tomorrow, I'm stocking TONS of new mama pads, plus some pouch slings! WOO-HOO!!!

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