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Rain, rain....get lost!

Posted on 2007.10.26 at 03:09
It's been drizzling this nasty, cold, goopy rain for the past 48 hours straight. I wanted to take J to the park sometime this week before it started to get too cold, but nooooo. Mother Nature had to get all PMS-y and cry all over me. I think whoever coined the phrase "bouncing off the walls" must have been stuck indoors with a toddler. Ditto for "climbing the walls."

I need to get to my mom's house so I can use her sewing machine to make the cloak I'm wearing for Halloween. Uma is still in the shop; I should call and see how long it will take for them to order that part she needs. I have stock that needs to get sewn soon!

Speaking of stock, I'm revamping my mama pads. The old design had some flaws: A) the soaker always wound up too wide at the wings after trimming once the initial tack-down sewing had been done, plus it felt kinda uncomfortable with the heavy pads, and B) the bulk of the soaker was too difficult for my serger to chew through. So I made a second pattern for the soaker itself, which is now smaller around the edges so the outer layers are the only ones getting serged, and nipped in at the middle to get rid of that bulk at the wings. Here's an example with my 7-in. pads:

I've got so much awesome fabric to sew up, I am really eager to get Uma back. I plan on introducing pad sets just in time for Christmas! They'll be in the 10-in. size since that's my most popular seller, with 2 liners, 3 regular, 2 heavy, and a mini-wetbag with a cute matching pouch to put it all in inside your purse. Fun stuff!

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